Top 5 Designers Offer Opinions on Window Coverings.


Excerpted from San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, written by Barbara Alpers:
     I hate to talk myself out of a project, but sometimes I leave a window uncovered. If it happens to be very small, or high and it does not need privacy or light control it may not need covered. Certain Treatments just don't look good small, nor do they look good too large.
        I like to visit a client's home and get a feeling for the room and the needs of the family. Considerations are privacy, light control, sound control, use of space and a need to visually soften a room. Also, functionally some windows can only accept certain treatments due to lack of stacking space or no mounting space above the window. In addition, top treatments may block the view if the windows are too low.        The elements of design in a room are like a good conversation in a group. Some elements have to do the talking and some do the listening. If everyone talks at the same time we know what happens! Window treatments can either talk or listen not both.        

I sometimes suggest non-functional, purely decorative draperies or top treatments simply to soften the space. When to use trims, tassels and other fancy goodies? I use these elements to split up simple fabrics or to take an already elaborate window treatment over the top! You can really see the difference a drape can make!