Happy New Year 2018!

Welcome to the New Year, it's a good time to a new look to your home! How about some texture to accent your look of serene solid colors. So many choices of naturals and woven textures to choose from. Call for a Free consultation and let's get started!

Adding uniqueness

Today uniqueness has become the ultimate luxury. Anyone can buy the same sofa in store or on the internet, it's the details that set us apart. One place details are easy to express is to have Draperies custom made so they are yours alone. Add a banding or trim, special pleat, or rod color of your choosing. The possibilities are endless!

Winters chill

It's getting to be the time of year the winds of winter can put a chilly breeze through the house. Think Blackout lining on your Draperies. It can put that extra layer of insulation between you and the elements. An extra bonus is this lining also helps the fabric in Draperies hang better and gives darkness for a few extra winks too!

The world's weather is a changing

Weather extremes are happening, a fact on daily life. Keeping out the heat and cold is needed. There are many solutions to make your windows more sealed to the elements. New types of linings, new product materials, all to help you keep comfortable.

Sunbrella, not just for outside

Sunbrella has come a long way. It used to be stiff and scratchy, now comes soft, sheer, chenille and great colors .It can be used for draperies in sunny or outdoor adjoining areas. Also great for upholstery, easy cleanup for spills and cleans up with soap and water. No worries with kids or pets.

Make your bedroom seem larger

Have a bedroom where your bed is placed between 2 small windows?  Try this to make your room appear larger with a great softening treatment. Instead of just making 2 pairs of draperies to cover the windows, extend the draperies across the entire wall, behind the bed. The panels covering the windows open and close but keep the draperies behind the bed stay stationary. When all are closed is one wall of fabric, when window drape opens still great Wow look.

Charcoal Gray....

Charcoal gray may be neutral but it also makes a statement. It's bolder than it's lighter cousins and more modern than it's neutral buddies, the beiges. It's the little black dress of color, you can dress it up or down. True gray is a mixture of black and white, but I use gray that has a bit of red, blue, or green which is makes it subtly warmer or cooler. Invest in a charcoal sofa or shade of gray drapery and you will have it forever!



What fabrics work best where...

Well versed in pattern and texture and a grasp of color, designers know what fabric works best where. Is it thick enough for upholstery, enough double rubs, or better suited for the window. Stick with a professional for graceful window fabrics that will last and still have the "wow" factor.

Designer Textiles

Next time you find yourself ripping out a photo from a design magazine or repinning a fab room from Pinterest ask yourself this question, "What makes this room so special?" Look at the use of textiles in the photo. Designer fabric can transform a so so piece of furniture, make a plain window pop, create rich custom accent pillows and jazz up a dull sofa or bed. It's the secret ingredient to a OMG room!!

New Shutter Look

Just saw some cool new shutters that are Aluminum, very simple and modern. They are pewter color, matte finish, 3" louvers. Would be a fantastic look in a modern home!

Roller Shades are back!

Remember the old style Roller shades that your Grandmother had? They were bulky and  looked like Vinyl? Well they are back in Hundreds of styles and Colors.

Woven Woods can come the Roller shades, Sun Shades you can see through, Patterns, Linen Looks, all now in Roller shades. The plus is they can roll up and be out of the way, don't block the window at all. Waiting ready when needed. Also they now have Easy Rise cords and can be Remote controlled. Baby they are Back!

Thinking Green in Window Coverings


Also in line with "Green" thinking, Window Coverings can keep out heat and cold, and can also keep them in! 

Draperies will keep room temperature stable and protect furniture and art from fading. I have found out from several of my customers, a style of drapes called blackout really helps people sleep, for young and old.

Also in line with "Green" thinking, Window Coverings can keep out heat and cold, and can also keep them in! 

Draperies will keep room temperature stable and protect furniture and art from fading. I have found out from several of my customers, a style of drapes called blackout really helps people sleep, for young and old.

What a Difference a Drape Can Make


A window can be really freshened up with Natural Woven Wood shades, or Wood Grain Blinds. With the popularity of "Green Living" wood products including Decorative Hardware can really make a difference. These can be added under existing Draperies. If you already have these Wood products, you cam make a great statement by adding Non-Functional Drapery panels over top. Nothing softens and finishes a room like a Drapery. See for yourself. 

Top 5 Designers Offer Opinions on Window Coverings.


Excerpted from San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, written by Barbara Alpers:
     I hate to talk myself out of a project, but sometimes I leave a window uncovered. If it happens to be very small, or high and it does not need privacy or light control it may not need covered. Certain Treatments just don't look good small, nor do they look good too large.
        I like to visit a client's home and get a feeling for the room and the needs of the family. Considerations are privacy, light control, sound control, use of space and a need to visually soften a room. Also, functionally some windows can only accept certain treatments due to lack of stacking space or no mounting space above the window. In addition, top treatments may block the view if the windows are too low.        The elements of design in a room are like a good conversation in a group. Some elements have to do the talking and some do the listening. If everyone talks at the same time we know what happens! Window treatments can either talk or listen not both.        

I sometimes suggest non-functional, purely decorative draperies or top treatments simply to soften the space. When to use trims, tassels and other fancy goodies? I use these elements to split up simple fabrics or to take an already elaborate window treatment over the top! You can really see the difference a drape can make!