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Allied ASID Designer and owner the Window Dresser, Barbara Alpers specializes in fabric based window coverings, custom bedding, and distinctive pillows. After working in the Interior Design business for over 20 years, she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a boutique shop to showcase her “Semi-Custom” Drapery designs. These designs are available for immediate purchase. Also Barbara largely does Custom Designed Draperies for the home. 

Window Treatments

Window Treatments can change a room more that any other design element. It's like making a ice cream sundae. Ice Cream is good on it's own but better with hot fudge syrup. Next add a brownie, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Draperies or window coverings are the added goodies to the room design, like the cherry on the top!

Design Philosophy

“The reason I decided to specialize in windows, is that I love fabrics!" says Barbara. “Window Treatments can improve the proportions of a room, by adding essential elements of color, pattern, texture and shape. Also control light, privacy, warmth, and noise can be inhanced. Whether elaborate or simple, well made and well executed draperies, like no other design element, make a room complete.”

I strive to make your house a “home”, which the dictionary defines as “your place of residence or refuge,” but it can be much more. A place to be inspired. A place to unplug. A place to experiment with color or pattern. A place to create calmness. At the end of the day, style plays a part in defining a home but pales in comparison to the people and things living inside. The home can be enhanced by design reflecting the owner.

“The juxtaposition of color and pattern are what I do best. Listening to the client and responding to the environmental constraints help me create a unique design solution. I aspire to give each room its own balance and energy.”